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Take a Closer Look: Notice Anything in the Viral Photo of an Elderly Man Posing Next to His Stunning Car Accident?


"Just sitting there like it's no big deal."

Taking pictures of a car accident for documentation purposes is not unusual, but just how an elderly California couple posed near their wrecked Honda is gaining viral traction.

Standing next to the car flipped onto its side and looking like a tourist having his picture snapped at landmark or monument is Ben Neufeld of Bel Air, California. Take a closer look inside though and you'll see his wife as well, sitting on the driver's side window as she waited patiently for help to arrive.

Neufeld told KNBC-TV it sounded like someone was moving a trash can outside his home Friday. But upon going outside to inspect, that's where he saw his wife's blue Honda turned over and she was still inside.

"So [I] came out to see and there was my wife in her car, calm as a cucumber," Neufeld told KNBC. "Eventually, they fished her out and towed the car away and here we are."

"I look out the window and there's a car on the side right in front of our driveway," the couple's neighbor, Ryan Steinberg, who shared his photo with RGM News, said, according to KNBC. "I think it's just going to be an horrific accident, and I look over and there's our elderly neighbor across the street just sitting there like it's no big deal. Her husband just saunters over like it's a walk in the park, sees her, says, 'You OK?'"

After the car was towed, Neufeld said, "right after that we had dinner and everything has been perfectly normal since."

Even the Los Angeles Fire Department shared the image on its Facebook page.

According to KABC-TV, the couple has been married for 60 years and no one was injured in the accident.

Watch Neufeld talk about the accident in RMG News' report (courtesy of KNBC):

Neufeld speculated that the accident was caused after his wife hit the curb in such a way that the car flipped.

(H/T: Jalopnik)

Front page image via @RGM News.

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