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Raise Your Hand If You Think This Is the Last Billboard Hillary Clinton Wants Her Face Plastered On


"For many it's a last effort before separation."

It's one thing when your mug is on the cover of the latest book you want to sell.

But this?

Image source: WFLD-TV Image source: WFLD-TV

Yup, that's apparently a sketch of the former secretary of state — in full hush-hush mode — on a new billboard in Chicago hawking the Ashley Madison website, which caters to married people looking to have affairs.

The billboard's text reads, "Harder Choices...Lead to Ashley," reported WFLD-TV in Chicago.

Image source: WFLD-TV Image source: WFLD-TV

Sam Chapman, CEO of Empower Public Relations, is miffed at Ashley Madison for piggybacking on the recently released book by Clinton titled "Hard Choices."

“I think it's a tasteless company with a tasteless ad,” Chapman said. “I think Hillary Clinton is an important person in our society and this really takes advantage of someone who doesn't deserve it, and there's something really shameful about what they're up to."

He added: “It’s a tough choice to cheat and therefore joining Ashley is even a harder choice than some of the choices she had to make over Benghazi, or whatever difficult choices she had to make."

But for Ashley Madison CEO Noel Biderman, who spoke with WFLD on Skype, the ad is appropriate.

“It’s not an easy choice," Biderman told the station. "People, women in particular, don't come to affairs lightly. They try and explore alternatives within their relationship. For many it's a last effort before separation."

Image source: WFLD-TV Image source: WFLD-TV

In fact, he said, the ad is part of his goal to level the playing field for woman who want to explore infidelity.

“Men have always had the playgrounds to pursue infidelity, strip clubs, massage parlors that do more than massage...and women haven't had those elements until the internet,” Biderman added.

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