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They Messed Up His Order. What He Did Next Had Employees Locking the Doors and Calling 911.


"...they jumped on one of our employees..."

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First they made him wait, then they told him he couldn't smoke inside, and finally they apparently short-changed him an order of fries.

So he pulled out a shotgun and threatened to "shoot all of you m*****f*****s" — while two children sat in his car.

A Georgia man and his girlfriend were arrested after a Thursday night confrontation at a Hardee's fast-food restaurant, the Newnan Times-Herald reported.

The man, Jessie Griffin, and his girlfriend, Rhonda Riley, apparently went through the restaurant's drive-thru, but they were told to park and wait because the tacos they ordered would take time to prepare.

Image source: screengrab via Jessie Griffin and Rhonda Riley. (Image source: screengrab via WAGA-TV)

Griffin reportedly entered the Hardee's while smoking a cigarette, and was told he couldn't smoke in the restaurant.

Griffin exited and re-entered, apparently swearing at employees about the lengthy wait and slamming a store phone into the counter.

After Griffin got his food and left the store, employees locked the doors — but Griffin wasn't done yet.

He determined that he had been shorted an order of fries, so he walked to the store yet again, but couldn't get in.

When an employee came out to the parking lot to ask him to leave, Griffin told Riley to pop the trunk so he could retrieve his shotgun.

"I will shoot all of you m*****f*****s," Griffin reportedly threatened as he racked the shotgun three times, while Riley allegedly assaulted the female Hardee's employee.

The employee escaped and Griffin didn't actually shoot anybody, the Newnan Times-Herald reported; Riley and Griffin sped off in their Mitsubishi, taking with them the two young children who had been in the backseat witnessing the whole debacle.

Hardee's employees called police during the incident, and Griffin and Riley were both quickly tracked down and arrested.

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