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Woman Tries to Kiss Reporter on Live TV…but It's Who the Woman Is That's a Little More Surprising


"Great taste."

Singer-songwriter Erykah Badu made an unscheduled appearance on local TV news Friday, as she strolled down the streets of midtown Manhattan and found WPIX-TV reporter Mario Diaz filming a segment.

She decided to get involved.

Badu strutted in the background of Diaz' shot wearing an oversized hat before moving in for a kiss — but Diaz denied her with "the NYC push back."

In the video, Diaz seemed not to realize who had just tried to kiss him, but Badu owned and apologized for her actions on Twitter.

Diaz tweeted that he and his wife, who was on the scene when Badu made her move, are taking the incident in stride.

Diaz and Badu now seem to have struck up an Internet friendship.

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