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Iran-Contra II? The one discovery that shocked Benghazi expert Ken Timmerman the most
The scene at the U.S. consulate in Benghazi on Sept. 11, 2012. (Image source: AP/Mohammad Hannon) (contrib)

Iran-Contra II? The one discovery that shocked Benghazi expert Ken Timmerman the most

The astounding story of John Brennan's "Iron Claw."

Investigative journalist and New York Times bestselling author Ken Timmerman’s new book, "Dark Forces: The Truth About What Happened in Benghazi," contains a number of thoroughly researched and often-overlooked revelations regarding Benghazi, Libya, and the Obama administration's misadventures in Arabia more broadly.

Ken Timmerman delivers a speech at the National Press Club. (Image Source: Youtube screengrab) Ken Timmerman delivers a speech at the National Press Club. (Image Source: Youtube screengrab)

Blaze Books had the opportunity to interview Timmerman in connection with his book, and in a wide-ranging discussion, which you can listen to in full below, covered topics including among others:

  • Timmerman's theory that the Benghazi attack was directed by Iran's terrorist Quds Force
  • Valerie Jarrett's secret back-channel negotiations with Iran
  • Who the anti-American group February 17th Martyrs Brigade was, and how they ended up "protecting" the U.S. mission (and the related devastating consequences)
  • What Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were doing on the night of September 11, 2012
  • How the infamous Youtube video was discovered by the Obama administration in the first place
  • Whether U.S. gun-running operations in the Middle East have led to American deaths
  • Whether rockets being launched from Gaza were originally in the hands of the United States
  • Why our Iraq policy is an insult to the families of those who gave their lives to free Iraq from tyranny

I also asked Timmerman what the most startling of all of his discoveries was in researching "Dark Forces." His response was downright astounding:

"What really surprised me the most was to see the involvement of John Brennan -- the Counterterrorism Advisor to the president of the United States -- get actively involved in shutting down a CIA investigation by the Director of the CIA [David Petraeus] into arms smuggling out of Libya to the Syrian rebels. And I talk about this at great length in the book...There were surface-to-air missiles, about 800 of them, which were sent down from Libya to Niger...where they were upgraded with CIA-manufactured batteries: special batteries made by the CIA to upgrade older Soviet-era missiles such as the SA-7s.

[instory-book ISBN="9780062321190"]

And these missiles and gripstocks from the Egyptian army were then put on these missiles -- you can tell them by the color...it's very easy to identify them in photographs...They turned up in Sinai, they've turned up in Gaza, they've turned up in Syria. The Syrian rebels claim that they were shooting down Syrian government helicopters with them. And why would the counterterrorism advisor of the president of the United States shut down an operation that was aimed at stopping this weapons trafficking. That was the thing that astonished me the most.

...I called it...John Brennan's "iron claw": he came down on Director Petraeus with an "iron claw" to prevent him from investigating what appears to have been John Brennan's own arms trafficking. Look, when the president's top advisor for  counterterrorism engages in operational activity overseas -- because that's what this appears to be -- that is a violation of the National Security Act of 1947. That's exactly what they tried to convict Oliver North of doing during the Iran-Contra affair. The biggest difference of course between Iran-Contra and Benghazi is that nobody died during the Iran-Contra affair, and here there are four American bodies...four brave Americans who perished because of the misguided policies and actions of American officials, such as John Brennan and also Hillary Clinton."


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