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TheBlaze's Dana Loesch Explodes on GOP Lawmaker After Her Husband Received a 'Wildly Inappropriate and Creepy' Phone Call


"Are you not an elected official?"

Dana Loesch (TheBlaze TV)

TheBlaze’s Dana Loesch says she was enjoying her vacation when her husband, Chris, received an unexpected phone call from Republican Ohio state Rep. Andrew Brenner. Even more unexpected was the topic the GOP lawmaker wanted to discuss: a recent Twitter disagreement on the U.S. border crisis.

Chris Loesch and Brenner apparently got into a tense Twitter discussion about Glenn Beck’s decision to deliver supplies and other items to some of the roughly 60,000 illegal immigrant children. Brenner attacked Beck’s act as one similar to amnesty while Chris argued it was merely a generous act done by a private citizen.

Dana Loesch was seemingly stunned that Brenner felt it was appropriate to look up their number and call them about a Twitter disagreement while they were on vacation. The state representative claimed he didn’t realize they were on vacation, but didn’t apologize for the phone call.

Loesch ripped Brenner on Twitter for the "creepy" and "inappropriate" call:

Brenner's wife later revealed that she gave out Loesch's number and defended the call:

(H/T: Mediaite)

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