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America's China-assisted suicide -- a Blaze Books exclusive excerpt from Brad Thor's new thriller, 'Act of War

America's China-assisted suicide -- a Blaze Books exclusive excerpt from Brad Thor's new thriller, 'Act of War

"America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves."

New York Times best selling thriller writer Brad Thor recently appeared on the Glenn Beck Radio Program to discuss his newest book, "Act of War," which centers on two covert operations (i.e. acts of war) launched by the United States in response to a confirmed, but mysterious, terrorist threat.

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Thor, who writes faction -- a genre which toes the line between fiction and real-life scenarios based on extensive research and Thor's close ties with intelligence experts and special ops agents -- told Beck during the radio segment that the plot in "Act of War" "is probably one of the most chilling potential scenarios I have ever had anyone in the special operations or intelligence community share with me."

In part it is premised on the socialist imperative to destroy freedom -- with America the primary stumbling block to its global conquest -- and that America itself can only be destroyed by debauching its own freedom, thereby ensuring self-destruction.

Thor stated:

"The reason socialism has failed around the world every time it's been tried is because people in socialist countries have looked at the United States and have said if they can have it that good, we can. It's a failed, flawed ideology, but if you ask socialists why it's always failed, it's because the United States has stood in the way. So for global socialism to ever work, they need to get rid of the United States of America. That's another little thing I weave into Act of War."

Below is a Blaze Books exclusive excerpt from "Act of War" that discusses just this tension between socialism and freedom, and how as the U.S. racks up debts literal and figurative from its own experiment with Leviathan government, it sets itself up for an assisted suicide with the help of one of the nation's greatest enemies.

Act of War Chapter 22


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