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Left Wing Liberal' Politician in Virginia Posts Shocking Offer Involving Nude Photos of Texas Cheerleader Who Loves to Hunt

Left Wing Liberal' Politician in Virginia Posts Shocking Offer Involving Nude Photos of Texas Cheerleader Who Loves to Hunt

"She deserves to be a target."

Mike Dickinson is a self-described liberal Democrat in the state of Virginia. He is also a flamboyant character with a history of making inflammatory comments and posting insulting messages. And now a few of Dickinson's recent tweets about a young cheerleader show just why he's a controversial figure.

What did the liberal candidate write that has people up in arms?

He offered to pay $100,000 to anyone who could provide photos of Kendall Jones, the 19-year-old the Texas Tech cheerleader who went hunting big game in Africa and posted pictures of some of her kills on Facebook.

Here is the actual tweet:

Dickinson's $100,000 offer was just one part of his attack on Jones. He posted additional messages like this one:

Many called Dickinson's offer and subsequent tweets "offensive" and worse. He constantly referred to his offer as "free speech" and insulted many who responded negatively with vulgar insults like the one seen here:

It should be noted that Dickinson's indignation comes after Facebook has removed some of Jones' hunting photos.

There also are some questions about Dickinson's party affiliation. However, in April, Fox News credited him as "Mike Dickinson D-Virginia" and the Huffington Post identified him as a "self-described Democratic."

Image: DickinsonforCongress.com Image: DickinsonforCongress.com

Is Dickinson a serious candidate? He is still running a website, soliciting donations and sharing information about himself and his plans to end the gridlock in Washington, D.C. His Twitter bio also says that he is a candidate.

Image: Twitter.com Image: Twitter.com

Despite presenting himself online as a candidate, the election monitoring website Ballotpedia reports that Mike Dickinson did not meet Virginia's reporting requirements to qualify to be on the ballots in the upcoming election to represent the state's 7th District.

TheBlaze contacted Dickinson on Thursday morning, requesting a brief interview.

After an initial response that appeared to show he was interested in speaking with us, he has since stopped answering our emails and twitter messages.

TheBlaze has reached out to the Democratic Party of Virginia for comment. When additional information is available, we will update the story.


Speaking via cell phone late Thursday morning, Mike Dickinson informed TheBlaze he that still considers himself a candidate for the 7th congressional district seat that will be vacated by Eric Cantor at the end of this term.

When asked if he considers himself to be a Democrat, Dickinson likened his political leanings to those of Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren.

"I make President Obama look conservative. I'm very very liberal," he told TheBlaze.

The discussion turned from Dickinson's political leanings to his online attack on the Texas Tech cheerleader. Why did he feel it was necessary to put out a $100,000 bounty on a young woman who was doing something that may have been distasteful to some, but was perfectly legal?

"As far as Kendall Jones goes, one…she's 19…so a lot of people online and on Twitter are going, 'How can you solicit child pornography, she's a kid, she's this, she's that' -- she's 18, she's old enough to go to war, she's old enough to vote and die for this country."

Dickinson also described Jones' enjoyment of hunting as "obscene."

Asked why he thought it was ok to publicly shame a 19-year-old for doing something that was perfectly legal, Dickinson said, "She deserves to be shamed."

"I think anything that stops these people from killing these animals is legal," he said.

Dickinson also made mention of Hustler magazine publisher Larry Flynt, calling him "my mentor.

To hear clips from this interview, tune into TheBlaze Radio's "Pure Opelka," Saturday morning at 8a.m.

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