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Anthony Cumia's Response When Asked If He Would Return to 'Opie and Anthony Show' on the Condition He Apologize
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Anthony Cumia's Response When Asked If He Would Return to 'Opie and Anthony Show' on the Condition He Apologize

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In his first television interview since being fired by SiriusXM over a string of profanity-laced and racially-charged tweets, Anthony Cumia was asked if he would ever return to the radio show he made famous if it meant having to issue a public apology over the online incident. For any loyal “Opie and Anthony Show” listeners, his response on Friday’s “Red Eye” shouldn’t come as a surprise.

“I will never apologize for this,” Cumia said without hesitating. “I didn't do anything wrong.”

Cumia says he was taking pictures in Times Square when a black woman was accidentally caught in one of his shots, causing her to go berserk. He claims she punched him in the face repeatedly and called him a “white motherf***er.” He said he was still “livid” when he took to Twitter to talk about the assault.

Cumia told “Red Eye” host Greg Gutfeld that his tweets were not “racist,” and said he has been talking that way for 10 years on SiriusXM.

“Maybe that would have been better to think out the wording, perhaps,” he admitted.

Gutfelt outlines several of the explosive tweets that led to Cumia’s firing in segment below (Video via Fox News/Mediaite):

Gutfeld later pressed Cumia on the content of the tweets, saying “even by your standards, these were pretty bad.”

“I was pissed! I was assaulted in Times Square ‘allegedly,’ if you listen to any left-wing story that’s agenda-driven, they never even acknowledge that I was hit,” Cumia responded.

Critics have also alleged that the assault never occurred because Cumia didn't call the police to report the attack, a claim the former “Opie and Anthony” host laughed at on Friday. He said it felt ridiculous at the time to waste police resources because a “girl hit me.”

Later in the segment, “Red Eye” co-host Andy Levy pushed back when Cumia claimed his tweets weren’t racist in full context.

“If you read those, honestly, people picked it apart! It wasn’t racist!” Cumia said.

“How can you say that?” Levy asked, pointing out that his repeated use of the word “they” made it sound like he was talking about all black people. The panel also noted that he used labels like "savages" in the same breath, making it easy for people to conclude he was talking about all blacks.

(Fox News) (Fox News)

“They, the people who would assault you!” Cumia clarified. “That’s the misconception, I was saying people that act like this. And I addressed that there is a huge violence problem in the black community. … It’s been addressed by pastors, reverends, church groups, there’s marches, rallies… but the second I addressed it and said there is, indeed, a violence problem, I am the bad guy that just said ‘all blacks are violent’ — I didn’t say that!”

When Gutfeld asked Cumia if he would apologize for his tweets if SiriusXM offered him his old job back on the condition that he issue a public apology, Cumia was clear: “I will never apologize for this. I will never apologize. Even if they did come back and said, ‘will you?’ I didn’t do anything wrong. This is exactly who I am.”

"It would be a phony, bogus apology," he added.

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