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A Dollar General Cashier Left a Mother 'Humiliated.' What the Manager Allegedly Posted Online Afterwards Only Made Things Worse.


"OK so people give me your thoughts..."

Image source: screengrab via WDAF-TV

A little girl's accident prompted two big questions this week: what's the right way to handle a potty-training mishap in a public place, and how should a business react?

On Monday, mom Samantha Sargent took her daughters to the Dollar General in Holt, Missouri, where recently potty-trained two-year-old Railyn had an accident, WDAF-TV reported.

Samantha Sargent. (Image source: screengrab via WDAF-TV) Samantha Sargent. (Image source: screengrab via WDAF-TV)

Sargent took action, grabbing a package of fresh underwear from the shelves, taking Railyn to the bathroom and swapping the soaked undies for a dry pair.

“She had an accident, and I went to buy her some new underwear and basically changed her, cleaned her up, like I think any mom would,” said Sargent.

Sargent then took her girls to check out, with Railyn wearing just the clean underwear and a t-shirt, she said.

“The lady just started ringing us up, she didn’t really say anything to us until we were almost finished. That’s when she got to the open package of underwear,” Sargent said. “That’s when she said that she wasn’t properly dressed for a public place and was completely rude and disrespectful, and she humiliated us.”

Things only got worse, Sargent said, after she posted on Facebook about how "HEATED" she was about the incident.

She complained to the store manager, but instead of an apology, the manager apparently issued a Facebook posting of her own, in which she asked the world, “Who thinks it’s ok to have your young daughter in a public place with underwear and [a] t-shirt?”

Image source: screengrab via WDAF-TV Image source: screengrab via WDAF-TV

“The biggest part of it was I’m a mom, and that’s my baby, and you don’t talk about my child," Sargent told WDAF. "That’s a feeling that only a mother can understand.”

The Dollar General corporate office, for its part, apologized for the incident and promised "additional training" for the employees in Holt, WDAF reported.

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