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The Incredible Story of How a Concealed Carry Permit Holder Gift-Wrapped Five Potentially Armed Suspects Who Eluded Cops


"As soon as they got in the truck..."

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A concealed carry permit holder helped police nab five men who led officers in Iowa on a wild police chase that ended with the suspects crashing into someone's yard in a residential neighborhood.

The Linn County Sheriff’s office says the incident began when officers responded to reports of shots fired in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. When police later tried to pull over a vehicle that matched the description of the car involved in the shooting incident, the suspects led police on a chase all the way to Solon, Iowa.

The suspects ended up crashing into a resident’s front yard, running over a child’s play house in the process. Police say five men then exited the vehicle and took off on foot.

Responding to the commotion were neighbors Tim Moore and Scott Eastwood. Moore says they witnessed the men tossing drugs and a firearm in his yard at one point.

It wasn’t until after they saw a deputy fall as he pursued the five suspects that Moore and Eastwood — a concealed carry permit holder — decided to assist the authorities. The deputy who fell injured his shoulder and was taken to St. Luke’s hospital.

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Screengrab Screengrab KFXA-TV

According to KFXA-TV, Eastwood and Moore got into a truck and went after the five suspects. When they caught up to them, the men claimed the “real suspects” went past them. Moore told the news station they played along and told them to get in the truck and help them — but as soon as they were inside the vehicle, the suspects knew they were in trouble.

Eastwood drew his concealed firearm and held the five men at gunpoint until police arrived to arrest them.

“As soon as they got in the truck, Scott pulled his gun out — he has a permit to carry,” Moore explained. “And we backed out in front of the next officer and held them there.”

With the help of Moore and Eastwood, police had the suspects in custody a mere 10 minutes after they crashed.

KFXA-TV identifies the suspects as:

20 yr. old Kaven Willie Parks of Cedar Rapids

23 yr. old Aaron Michael Scott of Cedar Rapids

18 yr. old Marcus Dejohn Wallace of Cedar Rapids

27 yr. old Marcus Lamont Long of Cedar Rapids

15 yr. old male juvenile.

All of the men are charged with interference with official acts with injury on a peace officer. The man who was driving the vehicle, Parks, is also charged with traffic violations.

It wasn't immediately clear if they would also face charges in the shots fired incident that started the chase.

(H/T: Bearing Arms)

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