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The Nightmare Sight a House Renter Beholds Upon Returning From His Two-Day Vacation

Image source: WFOR-TV

William Ruiz has been renting a house in Miami for the last two years.

Now that the home is up for a short sale, Ruiz also has been in the process of moving out his belongings — and recently he figured he'd take a break for a couple of days and get away.

Image source: WFOR-TV Image source: WFOR-TV

But when Ruiz returned from his two-day vacation, he discovered the locks on the house had been changed -- and people were living inside, using his items he still had there.

“They’re using his bed, his dining room table… all his ornaments,” owner of the property Luis Camayd — a friend of his renter, Ruiz — told WFOR-TV in Miami.

Turns out a phony realtor scammed the man who moved into the house with his pregnant wife and toddler. In fact, the man now living at the property produced the lease agreement he signed for WFOR-TV, along with receipts for $3,600 in cash.

Image source: WFOR-TV Image source: WFOR-TV

Image source: WFOR-TV Image source: WFOR-TV

As you've probably already guessed, the phony realtor's voice mailbox is now "full" and he's no longer returning phone calls.

“I’m really stunned because the house was set to be sold already," Camayd told WFOR-TV. "I can’t sell the house until we get them out of there.”

Which could take a while. It's a civil court matter, and Camayd reportedly has to go through an eviction process while the couple — who believe they're the ones who've been victimized — refuse to leave.

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