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As They Arrested One Drunk Driver, Cops Ordered Another Drunk Man to Move His Friend's Car. What Happened Next Proved Fatal


"Don't draw Magee, no! Too many people."

Image source: screengrab via WBRZ-TV

Cops allegedly pulled one drunk driver off the road, only to order another drunk man behind the wheel.

That order — and the fatal shooting that followed — now has the city of Baton Rouge on the hook for a half a million dollar payout.

But the officer allegedly responsible for the whole thing is still on the force.

The incident happened three years ago, when Baton Rouge police responded to reports of a man driving recklessly in a nightclub parking lot, WBRZ-TV reported Wednesday evening.

Ryan Dominique, the allegedly drunk driver, was arrested, at which point officer Christopher Magee ordered 21-year-old Carlos Harris to move Dominique's car.

Carlos Harris. (Image source: screengrab via WBRZ-TV) Carlos Harris. (Image source: screengrab via WBRZ-TV)

According to witnesses, Harris told Magee he was drunk, but Magee made him move the car anyway.

Then things got ugly.

It's unclear whether Harris was severely impaired, having difficulty with the vehicle or if something else was going on, but as dash cam video shows, he rams several police vehicles as he moves the car.

At one point a man, presumably another officer, can be heard yelling, "Don't draw Magee, no! Too many people."

And yet Magee, the officer who ordered Harris behind the wheel, does draw his weapon, and fatally shoots Harris.

One of Magee's three shots fired hit a bystander in her wrist, WBRZ reported.

Image source: screengrab via WBRZ-TV Image source: screengrab via WBRZ-TV

The toxicology report afterward confirmed Harris' claim, WBRZ reported: Harris had a blood alcohol content of .089 percent, above the legal limit of .08.

As police rushed to the scene of the shooting, more than 50 cameras captured video of the events taking place, but Magee's own dash cam footage does not begin until one minute after the shooting, WBRZ noted.

Despite the bizarre situation, Magee was apparently cleared of all wrongdoing and remained on the police force.

The Baton Rouge police chief would not comment to WBRZ on Magee's situation due to pending litigation.

Harris' family sued the police for negligence, and the Baton Rouge Metro Council was slated to approve a $495,000 settlement on Wednesday, though due to lengthy debate on a different issue, the decision on the settlement has been pushed back to a future meeting, according to WBRZ.

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