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This Sneaky Tool Could Save Your Life...if You Can Get it Past Airport Security

(Image source: Monkey Business)

An innocent-looking women's beauty tool with an innovative twist might just be a female traveler's best friend.

Especially since it can be worn in your hair, and might even make it through airport security.

leatherdos cool clip The Leatherdos packs several tools into a concealable hair clip. (Image source: Soldiers Systems)

The Leatherdos is essentially a hair clip that has been specially crafted to serve as a multitool.

The stainless steel clip features multiple screwdrivers, a trolley coin, a ruler, 8 mm (5/16) wrench and a cutting surface. It's basically a toolbox that can be worn on your noggin.

But it actually isn't marketed merely to women.

Soldier Systems is one website offering the unique multitool, and commenters noted one potential use for men: "Good for someone who wears a kippah," one said. "EXACTLY! The IDF is probably buying these things in bulk!" another noted.

(Image source: Monkey Business) Image source: Monkey Business

(Image source: Monkey Business) Image source: Monkey Business

It might seem like a ladies tool, but this hair clip is certainly man-tested and MacGyver-approved. MonkeyBusiness sells the clip for $9.

And just in case you need to use a few hair tools to get yourself out of a jam, this video shows how to pick a lock with just a few bobby pins.

(H/T: Gizmodo)


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