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Video: Israeli Missile Diverted Seconds to Impact After They See Civilians Entering the Area


"Okay, we will wait for the last second..."

Image source: IDF

In a new video that could have been taken from the climax of a Hollywood thriller, the Israel Defense Forces appear to divert a missile aimed at a suspected terrorist after it was already launched, because civilians were seen entering the area after the bomb was released.

The new images follows other cases during the past three weeks of the IDF’s military campaign against Gaza-based terrorist groups in which bombing runs were aborted following the identifying of civilians in the vicinity.

In the aerial video, Israeli soldiers monitoring the action on the ground are heard saying that they are tracking a terrorist who had just exited a building. The missile was launched, beginning the 30 second countdown to impact.

Suddenly, one of the soldiers said, “Pay attention, maybe he [the terrorist] went back inside. There is a chance we will have to abort.” This was at 20 seconds to impact.

“He is not currently in my vision, we should probably abort,” said a soldier.

The IDF soldiers saw civilians in the area. (Image source: IDF) The IDF soldiers saw civilians in the area. (Image source: IDF)

“Okay, we will wait for the last second and have the missile detonate in an open area,” said a soldier as the drama unfolded.

That was when another soldier, raising his voice, said, “Warning, there are people in the open area!”

At this point, they decided to divert the bomb which was seen seconds later exploding in an open area.

Israel is meticulously documenting its actions on video to provide solid evidence it is doing all it can to avoid civilian casualties as it faces the threat of a U.N. Human Rights Council investigation.

By contrast, Hamas has been hiding its military assets behind civilians including storing explosives next to a baby crib, firing from mosques and schools and using Gaza’s main hospital as its headquarters.

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