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Here's What Israeli Soldiers Found under a Hamas Activist’s Bed and Bathtub


Just the latest example of military assets hidden among Palestinian civilians.

Israel Defense Forces troops searching the home of a Hamas militant in Gaza discovered a virtual military launching ground on site, including an anti-tank missile under the bed, a tunnel entrance under the bathtub and numerous IDF uniforms.

“We found an RPG underneath the bed, an anti-tank missile, all this in a kit bag,” said an Israeli soldier who made the discovery.

During their numerous attempts to launch attacks on Israel via tunnels in recent weeks, Hamas operatives have reportedly been disguised as Israeli soldiers and have been armed with RPGs, tranquilizers and plastic handcuffs.

Israel has lambasted Hamas for using Palestinian civilians as human shields by launching rockets from heavily populated residential neighborhoods, hospitals and schools as well as hiding rockets and tunnel entrances in mosques.

The IDF last week released video showing the child’s bedroom its troops searched where they discovered explosives being hidden next to a baby’s crib.

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