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Border Patrol Agent’s Stunning Response After a Truck Driver Asked Him a Simple Question


"I asked the question and got the truth!"

Image source: YouTube

A truck driver who was stopped at an apparent Border Patrol checkpoint and asked if he was a U.S. citizen is becoming an Internet star after he asked the Border Patrol agent a question of his own.

You just have to the see the agent's response in the 56-second video:

If you didn't watch the video, here's what happened in the encounter:

Agent: How are you doing? U.S. Border Patrol. How many people are on board?

Driver: Me.

Agent: Are you a citizen?

Driver: Yeah, but does it really matter?

Agent: Not any more, unfortunately. Thank you.

The agent's response came with light smirk and a shake of his head.

Image source: YouTube Image source: YouTube

The driver going by MrRocksolid1974 on YouTube wrote that he was wearing his Icam glasses when he spoke with the agent in Texas.

"I asked the question and got the truth!" he wrote.

Some in the comments wrote that they don't believe this is an international border crossing but an interior checkpoint. Pope did not immediately respond to TheBlaze's request for clarification, details or comment. However, a woman claiming to be the the border patrol agent's wife emailed TheBlaze and said that it is, in fact, an internal checkpoint in Sierra Blanca, Texas, adding that her husband was filmed without his knowledge.

Image source: Google Street View Image source: Google Street View

BizPacReview identified the man as Travis Pope, based on his admission on the Twitter handle @PssedOffTexan, where he claims to have taken the footage.

The time stamp on the video says that the encounter took place on July 29.

Update: Travis Pope on Tuesday told TheBlaze in a phone interview more about his perspective of these internal crossings.

Pope said he was driving on Interstate 10 where there are "quite a few" internal border control checkpoints. He added that he asks this question at all similar stops and "I get that same response at all of them."

"Their response don't surprise me," he said. "They're frustrated too. I see it in them."

Pope said a couple of years ago these agents used to ask for identification and would even sometimes check the sleeper section of the truck's cab. Now, it's just a simple questioning as seen in his recent video.

The official ID check is something Pope said he'd welcome back.

"If they asked me for my I'd have no problem with it. I'm an American citizen, I have nothing to hide and I'm proud of it," the man who has been driving a truck for 11 years said. "I think that's what they should be doing, asking for IDs. If you can't come up with an ID for one of states, you need to be detained."

So what's the purpose of such checkpoints then?

"As of right now, they're just," Pope said, pausing to think of what the point of the stops were if official IDs were not checked, "jobs basically."

Pope said he doesn't think the agents at this checkpoints are a waste of time, "because we need border security," but a "waste of money." Pope added that he thinks the agent he recently encountered is "an American hero" who is "frustrated that he can't do his job."

As for his filming of agents without their knowledge, Pope fired back his own response.

"I really don't think about that because they got everybody on cameras anyway. They're government. We have the NSA wiretapping us and watching us … and they're going to get upset because a citizens do same thing to them? If it's right for the government, it's right for me to do it, ain't it?"

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