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New Apocalyptic 'Left Behind' Trailer Reveals Total and Utter Chaos That Unfolds in Rapture-Themed Thriller

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The producers of rapture-themed thriller "Left Behind" have released a new trailer for the Bible-based feature film, which releases October 3 in theaters across America.

The plot centers on main characters Rayford Steele, a pilot played by actor Nicolas Cage, and journalist Buck Williams, who is portrayed by actor Chad Michael Murray, among others, who are forced to cope with the mysterious disappearance of Christians across the globe in a biblical event known as the rapture.

The extended trailer offers a lens into the chaos that ensues in the hours following the mass disappearance, as those left behind struggle to pick up the pieces and comprehend what unfolded.

Watch the full-length trailer below:

"Left Behind" is based on the popular end-times book series by the same name and is also a reboot of a three-film DVD series that first premiered in 2000.

“The reason to bring ‘Left Behind’ back is [two-fold]: one is to make it bigger and better, so that we can have a broader reach and a shot at a broader audience,” producer and writer Paul Lalonde told TheBlaze earlier this year. “The first time we did it it was a straight to DVD production.”

The filmmaker also told TheBlaze that he believes viewers will be pleasantly surprised by the production value and the movie’s feel, which he said doesn’t resemble other films in the religious genre.

“I think a lot of the core Christian audience, I think they’re going to be surprised at the clarity with which we presented the rapture,” Lalonde said. “I think people are expecting it to be completely buried and barely mentioned.”

Read more of that interview here.

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Editor’s Note: TheBlaze was on set for the filming of “Left Behind,” and faith editor Billy Hallowell appears briefly in the film. He was not compensated for his role. This story is part of an ongoing series about the production and theological themes present in the storyline.

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