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The Increasingly Popular Idea that Has Glenn Beck Saying: 'America, Run for Your Lives


"A sign a country is about to go very dark."

Glenn Beck speaks on his radio program August 7, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Glenn Beck on Thursday warned Americans to be extremely cautious of any new legislation preventing American companies from leaving the United States, and corporate "loyalty oaths," a concept advocated by Jonathan Alter at the Daily Beast, in particular.

Alter said in an article Monday that, because "unpatriotic" companies like Walgreens are relocating outside of the United States in record numbers to avoid high taxes, it is time to think "creatively" of a way to force them to remain.

Alter's solution was to force companies to sign "non-desertion agreements."

"[President Obama] should issue an executive order that says any company that wants to keep its federal contracts must sign a new-fangled NDA..." Alter wrote. "But other companies with few or no federal contracts might be tempted to desert anyway. That’s where the rest of us come in."

"Under my scheme," Alter continued, "companies that sign non-desertion agreements would embed a tiny American flag or some other Good Housekeeping-type seal in their corporate insignia for all to see, just as companies during the Great Depression that agreed to Franklin Roosevelt’s recovery plan hung an emblem of a blue eagle in their windows..."

Glenn Beck speaks on his radio program August 7, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV) Glenn Beck speaks on his radio program August 7, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Alter said companies that don't have the emblem "would face the kind of public shaming that has gone out of fashion but could come back with a vengeance: boycotts, petitions, angry shareholder meetings full of the language of patriotism."

"I read this and I thought it was honestly -- I thought it was like a parody," Beck remarked. "No one could seriously be considering this, but it's serious."

Beck said companies are fleeing America because we have the highest corporate tax rates in the developed world, and they can't afford to continue doing business here.

"If 47 companies have now left and renounced their citizenship, that should tell you something," Beck said. "We're doing something wrong. ... They are building walls now, figurative walls, to keep American citizens in. The Berlin Wall was not to stop the west Germans from going in, but [to stop] the east Germans from leaving."

President Obama last week denounced the "corporate deserters" who renounce their citizenship “just to get out of paying their fair share of taxes," but Beck said the president's position has nothing to do with his own.

"Please find a way to get this to your friends," Beck told his audience. "Don't make this about the president. Don't make this about anything but our values and our principles. If you start arguing about Republicans and Democrats, you will lose."

Beck said we do not want to return to McCarthy-era "loyalty oaths" or the "fascist style of governing" favored by FDR.

"America, run for your lives," Beck said. "This is really dangerous. You have people who are openly saying that they want redistribution of wealth. That is socialism. Now, you have those same people saying that they want nationalism to play a role. That's nationalism [and] socialism, otherwise known as Nazis."

"When a country is so mishandled and mis-run that they have to build walls -- be it virtual or literal walls to keep not people from coming in, but people from going out -- that is a sign a country is about to go very dark," Beck said.

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