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Punishment or Torture? China's Solution for Careless Drivers Who Flash Their Brights


Intended to give the driver the "appropriate experience."

Chinese police in one city have a novel way of dealing with drivers who flash their high beams too often or use them in normal traffic: They make them sit and stare into bright lights to see what other drivers deal with when facing them on the road.

If police in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen spot a driver improperly using his brights, the law permits cops to lecture the operator, fine them and even force the driver to stare into the lights for five minutes.

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The above image apparently shows a driver who was said to be excessively flashing his bright lights and was made to sit on a small stool and stare into the lights of the police van.

According to a post on the Chinese social media site Weibo, the punishment is intended to give the driver the "appropriate experience" and demonstrate the potential harm that could be caused by overuse of bright lights.

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(H/T: Australian News Network)

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