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FAA Reportedly Declares Partial No-Fly Zone Over Missouri Suburb Where Unarmed Black Teen Was Shot


The Federal Aviation Administration has declared a partial no-fly zone over the Missouri suburb in which an unarmed black teenager was killed this weekend, according to multiple reports.

Flights are banned over the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, Missouri, where Michael Brown was fatally shot by police on Saturday afternoon. The ban apparently stems from a police helicopter being fired upon.

However, some have noted that since the ban seemingly does not apply to commercial flights, its impact falls primarily on news media covering local protests.

NBC News investigative reporter Tom Winter reported that the FAA has restricted the airspace above Ferguson to "provide a safe environment for law enforcement activities."

Winter noted the ban is hindering media coverage of the town, which has been plagued with unrest since the police shooting of Brown.

Mashable Editor Brian Ries probed the ban a bit more, learning from authorities that commercial aircraft were exempt from the ban.

It seems that media may be the primary target of the ban.

According to Ries, authorities say the ban was prompted after a police helicopter was shot at Sunday night.

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