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Chuck Norris is standing right behind you, and he insists that you register to vote

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The National Rifle Association's Freedom Action Foundation released a video Wednesday morning in which action movie star and NRA supporter Chuck Norris counts down his top ten reasons why you should register to vote in the upcoming election.

"You can always ignore my advice. The dinosaurs did," Norris deadpans into the camera as he starts the countdown.

Norris is the honorary chairman of the NRA's 'Trigger the Vote' campaign, which aims to register new voters across the country who support the Second Amendment.

"Through its valuable work, the NRA is able to reach millions of freedom-loving Americans and ensure that they are prepared to exercise their right to vote," NRA Freedom Action Foundation President Chris Cox said in July.

"There's only one thing stronger than these," Norris says in the video as he holds up his legendary fists. "Your vote."

The video was uploaded in May but released by the NRA Wednesday. Norris's full list appears below — the video also adds an 11th reason at the end, "because Chuck Norris can have as many reasons as he wants."

Chuck Norris's Top Ten Reasons to Register to Vote

10) You can always ignore my advice. The dinosaurs did.

9) Because I'll know if you don't.

8) You have time right now. I know because I'm standing right behind you.

7) It's taken me a lifetime to earn your respect. You can earn mine by registering to vote.

6) Because I said so.

5) Anyone can throw a punch. It takes a real man or woman to punch a voter registration card.

4) Because the other guys don't want you to. Well, I know who they are.

3) There's only one thing stronger than these (holding up his fists). Your vote.

2) I get asked for my autograph all the time. Now your country is asking for yours.

1) With one hand, I can crush coal into a diamond. With yours, you can protect your rights.

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