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Comcast Leaves Guy on Hold for Hours Until They Are Closed — So He Made This Video to Shame the Company


Three and a half hours.

Image via YouTube

It seems that if you need anything from Comcast, you're going to have to put in time to get it.

A lot of time.

Reddit user Aaron Spain uploaded a video to YouTube late Monday showing a just how awful a customer service call can be.

According to Spain, he was on hold with Comcast for over three hours trying to cancel his service.

Image via YouTube Image via YouTube

When he tries calling back from another phone, he navigates through the cumbersome menu options, finally arriving at the service cancellation option, only to be information by the cheery robotic voice that the Comcast offices have closed.

He then holds up his first phone, which shows three and a half hours on hold.

Spain ends his video with the rallying cry of people on hold everywhere: "I'm pissed."

Spain's video comes in the same week that another Comcast customer, Tim Davis, posted a video demonstrating that Comcast would only honor a promise after he recorded his phone conversations with Comcast agents.

Gawker posted an article Wednesday rounding up several atrocious Comcast customer service experiences which closed with the following note:

"Reminder: This is a company that faces "little to no competition" in the areas where it operates, wants to merge with the similarly monopolistic Time Warner Cable in the areas where it doesn't, and does not give a f*** about you, the customer.

(H/T: Mediaite)

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