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Recently-Installed Security System Captures Violent Home Invasion on Video: ‘What If I Had a Gun…’


"He had a mask on and a gun pointed to me, and I was in shock and just stood there."

Screengrab via KDKA-TV

A Pittsburgh family’s recently-installed security system captured a violent home invasion on video. However, the alarm was off at the time so it didn’t help deter the two men who broke into the home.

The mother, who asked to remain anonymous, told KDKA-TV the men invaded her home early Sunday morning. She recalled how she froze when saw the men, one of them armed, illegally enter her home.

Screengrab via KDKA-TV Screengrab via KDKA-TV

“He had a mask on and a gun pointed to me, and I was in shock and just stood there. I don’t know why, but I got up and turned toward the back of my house and tried to go downstairs,” she remembered in an interview with the news station.

But she was grabbed by one of the suspects and taken upstairs where her son and his girlfriend were. The men reportedly pistol-whipped the mother’s son before fleeing with cash and a laptop.

“To put a gun and scare somebody, it’s just, you know, we could’ve all been dead,” she added. “They could have even got killed themselves. I mean, you know, what if I had a gun… who knows.”

The woman is reportedly offering $1,000 cash to anyone with information leading to the arrest of the two thugs.

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