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TheBlaze's Dana Loesch Calls Out Spike Lee on the Air Over Alleged Account of Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson


"You know, Spike Lee, I don’t know why he’s been brought in to comment on this..."

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TheBlaze’s Dana Loesch called out filmmaker Spike Lee on “Hannity” Tuesday night, challenging him to call her radio show to discuss the alleged account officer Darren Wilson regarding the police-involved shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown.

Appearing on CNN Tuesday, Lee questioned the reliability of an alleged friend of Wilson who called into Loesch’s radio show to give what she said was the officer’s account of the shooting. Lee suggested that she may have been reading a script.

“Yesterday, when they know the autopsy is coming out all the sudden this mysterious woman, ‘Josie,’ who knows who the hell she is, is she reading a script and all the sudden people are taking her words and all the sudden, they’re really third person, as gospel,” Lee said.

Loesch hit back hard later on “Hannity,” pointing out that Lee published an innocent couple’s address following the shooting of Trayvon Martin believing it was the residence of George Zimmerman, who was later found not guilty of murder.

She also explained that taking the "unvetted caller" was an "exercise in curiosity" to see if her account matches up with the results of the investigation into the shooting.

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“You know, Spike Lee, I don’t know why he’s been brought in to comment on this. He’s a guy who gave a couple’s address saying it’s George Zimmerman’s during the Trayvon Martin situation,” Loesch said. “He was on a different network that doesn’t like to verify and runs with audio without verifying it, saying this was all completely orchestrated. Well, if it was orchestrated then explain this YouTube video, as well. And, he’s welcome to calling my program director in St. Louis.”

Watch the segment via "Hannity:"

As previously reported by TheBlaze, the caller, Josie, claimed that Brown “bum-rushed” officer Wilson moments after pushing him into his squad car, punching him in the face and trying to grab the cop’s gun. She claimed Wilson only shot Brown after he turned around and charged at him.

CNN's Don Lemon later reported that a “source with detailed knowledge of the investigation into the Missouri shooting of Michael Brown” confirmed that the caller’s account “matches the account of officer Darren Wilson as to what happened at the time of the shooting.”

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