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Women Caught on Camera Beating 65-Year-Old Man at Gas Pump — Then One Turns Her Attention to Victim's 7-Year-Old Great Grandson


"Leave my grandpa alone."

The first punch is thrown... (Image source: YouTube)

Danny Froschauer, a 65-year-old great grandfather, said he had already pulled up to a gas pump when he got an earful from the passengers of another vehicle laying claim to it.

Froschauer told KNBC-TV  in Los Angeles that women in the opposing vehicle approached him and yelled "get your car out of there!" But he refused.

Then one of the women entered the ARCO station in Victorville, California, and put money on the pump Froschauer was going to use, KNBC noted.

"She came back out and said, 'Ha, now you can’t do anything, because I put money on that pump and we’re going to use that pump,' and I said 'No you’re not,'" Froschauer recalled to the station. "I thought she was going to come up to my face and argue some more and I’m just standing there, and she got right close to me and then sucker punched me."

The first punch is thrown... (Image source: YouTube) The first punch is thrown... (Image source: KNBC-TV)

Froschauer told the station he swung his arms to attempt to block the punches but didn't hit the women during Friday afternoon's incident.

And it all happened in front of Froschauer's 7-year-old great grandson Dakota, who stood up for him, KNBC added.

'I said 'Leave my grandpa alone,'" Dakota recalled to KNBC, adding that one woman who was pregnant actually threatened him: "She said, 'Shut up little kid. I don’t care if you’re little or not, I will still push you.'"

Dakota with his great grandfather after the attack. (Image source: KNBC-TV) Dakota with his great grandfather after the attack. (Image source: KNBC-TV)

After Dakota said he'd call police, the women tried to knock his phone from his hand, he told KNBC.

"I didn’t know like really what to do," Dakota told the station. "I was kind of scared."

According to Froschauer the group expanded the scope of its attacks, noting to KNBC that one of the women confronted a witness who was recording the incident on his cell phone and attempted to take the device from him. The station, citing officials, added that one of the women allegedly stole a cellphone during the confrontation.

Finally the gas station owner broke up the fight and police arrived, KNBC said.

"I feel real lucky...those three punch like a guy," Froschauer told the station. "I think that they deserve jail time, because if it’s not me, they’re going to get somebody else…"

More from KNBC:

San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Sgt. Ken Lutz confirmed Friday night that the women in the video had been detained and that the incident was under investigation.

Authorities said Saturday that two women were arrested on suspicion of strong arm robbery and taken to jail. A third woman was not arrested because she is pregnant, but officials said she would be charged at a later time.

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