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Pro-Gun YouTuber Mercilessly Mocks Huffington Post Reporter Over Embarrassing 'Rubber Bullets' Gaffe


Can anyone confirm?

Unfortunately for Huffington Post reporter Ryan J. Reilly, it seems that people aren’t quite done mocking him for mistaking foam earplugs for “rubber bullets” while covering the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, earlier this month.

The popular YouTube channel DemolitionRanch published a new video on Tuesday trying to “confirm” whether the “rubber bullets” Reilly reported seeing could so some real damage. Basically, foam earplugs were loaded into shotgun shells and then fired at a Styrofoam lid.

“I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t stop a riot,” the host says before sneaking in one more jab at Reilly.

“Hey Ryan, high-capacity magazines,” he adds, holding up 30-round magazines filled with foam earplugs.

Watch the video here:

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