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Watch the Sermon That Georgia Pastor Claims Got Him Temporarily 'Booted and Banned' on YouTube


"Sermon censorship"


A Georgia pastor says he was temporarily “booted and banned” from YouTube after he posted video of one of his recent sermons on radical Islam and the persecution of Christians in the Middle East.

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Daniel Ausbun, the pastor of a small Baptist church in Moreland, Georgia, reportedly told Fox News’ Todd Starnes that he received an email from YouTube after he posted the sermon telling him that his account had been “terminated for violation of the terms of service and their community guidelines.” He says his entire account was taken down for a period of time.

“Apparently, they didn’t like me preaching on radical Islam, so I got booted and banned,” he said, calling it “sermon censorship.”

YouTube later reportedly reversed its decision, reinstating Ausbun’s account after confirming the account was “not in violation of our Terms of Service.” The video was available for viewing as of Tuesday evening.

In the August 24 sermon, Ausbun talks about the Islamic State and the persecution of Christians under radical Islam.

“What they are really doing is they’re driving away Christians,” he said of the Islamic State during the sermon. “A Christian, to them, is what they consider an infidel. … If you are a born-again believer, they want you out of there.”

The pastor also talks about the trials the Bible predicts that Christians will face, teaching from John 15:18-25 to make his point.

Again discussing the Islamic State, Ausbun said the U.S. could potentially be targeted in new terror attacks as a result of the barbaric group’s efforts. He also argued that “thousands and thousands of Christians have died in the last few months” in the Middle East.

“They are targeting Christians because they are infidels,” he added. “They don’t care about Muslims, they’re allowed to stay there — it’s the Islamic State. If you’re not a Muslim, you’re out the door, you’re dead.”

The pastor later told Starnes that his message was "almost more of an educational sermon."

Watch Ausbun’s entire sermon here:

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