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Megyn Kelly Takes on Controversial Former Prof in Tense Interview — Hear His Response When Asked If America Deserves to Be Bombed


"Why can’t you have the courage to just answer honestly?"

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Megyn Kelly went at it with former University of Colorado professor Ward Churchill in a recent interview over his infamous comments comparing some 9/11 victims to “Little Eichmanns.” Kelly also pressed him on whether he believes the U.S. deserves to be bombed again.

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Kelly teased part of her exclusive interview with Churchill on Friday, including a tense segment where she asks the former professor why he had to be so “glib” about his comments on 9/11 victims. She then accused him of causing the same kind of pain to the families of the victims as he claims America inflicts on others around the world.

“My responsibility is to do exactly what I did, which is show you what it feels like. If you are too dense to get it — OK,” Churchill said.

Later, Kelly grilled Churchill on whether he believes America deserves to get bombed again. She was only able to get an evasive response.

“I think the United States, by its own rules, is subject to being bombed,” he replied.

“Why can’t you have the courage to just answer honestly?” Kelly shot back. "Yes or no. Do we deserve to be bombed. Just say it if you think it’s true."

Kelly’s interview with Churchill will begin airing on Monday.

Watch the video via Fox News here:

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