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Jon Stewart Mercilessly Tears Into Obama for Acting ‘Chaotic & Confused’ on Islamic State


"Imagine if George Lucas had called his movie 'Star Sustained Counter-Terrorism Campaigns.'"

Comedian Jon Stewart skewered President Barack Obama during his program Monday night, accusing him of acting "chaotic and confused" on how to deal with the Islamic State.

Stewart played back clips from senior Obama administration officials, attempting to illustrate that the mixed messaging coming out of the White House on the terror group.

In another part of the segment, the "Daily Show" host poked fun at National Security Advisor Susan Rice's characterization of the conflict as a "sustained counter-terroism campaign."

"Imagine if George Lucas had called his movie 'Star Sustained Counter-Terrorism Campaigns,'" Stewart joked.

After slamming Kerry for appearing to flip-flop on his use of terminology to describe the conflict, Stewart explained why he thinks the use of language is important.

"There are legal reifications to this. How we define the conflict will inform who has the authority to address the threat from (the Islamic State)," he said.

Stewart then highlighted the irony in Obama justifying his ability to take action against the Islamic State through the 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force — something he actually want repealed.

(H/T: Mediaite)

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