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GOP demands Obama release immigration details to the public

WASHINGTON, DC - SEPTEMBER 22: U.S. President Barack Obama signs America's Promise Summit Declaration at the White House, September 22, 2014, in Washington, DC President Obama became the seventh consecutive president to sign the America's Promise Summit Declaration, which calls on all people to help the youth of America reach their full potential. Mark Wilson/Getty Images

House Republicans on Monday demanded that President Barack Obama outline the immigration recommendations he's considering for implementation later this year, including whether he's looking at creating a legal status for millions of illegal immigrants.

Obama tasked Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson to come up with recommendations by the summer, but then decided to delay his decision until after the election. Republicans have argued that this delay was aimed at sparing Democrats from angry voters.

U.S. President Barack Obama has said he would take executive action on immigration, and Republicans want to know what options he's considering. Mark Wilson/Getty Images

In their Monday letter to Obama, GOP members of the House Judiciary Committee said that whenever he makes his decision, he's cutting out Congress and millions of Americans who should have a say in this important move.

"Whether it's now or November, it is never acceptable for the executive branch to ignore the Constitution and unilaterally give amnesty to unlawful immigrants," they wrote. "Regarding actions you are planning that you believe would comply with the Constitution, the least the administration can do is give Americans the opportunity to see the recommendations that you are considering before you take any actions."

"Rather than attempt to hide these actions from the American people until after the midterm elections, Americans should be given the chance to come to their own conclusions as to the merits of these recommendations," they added.

The members asked Obama to release all recommendations that he's been given from Johnson and others, and said doing so would help repair the damage "caused by the secrecy with which your administration has considered changes to our immigration system."

The letter was signed by Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) and 21 other Republicans. Read it here:

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