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She Couldn't Believe It When She Realized Who Was Applying Her Make-Up — Here's the Awesome Reason Behind Star's Surprise


While several NFL players are making headlines for instances of alleged violence and crime, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is seemingly keeping himself busy off the field with worthwhile endeavors.

Earlier this year, Rodgers made a surprise visit to 12-year-old Annie Bartosz -- and her reaction after she finally recognized the NFL star is impossibly smile-inducing. She was under the impression that she was only recording an interview about her initiative, which is why she didn't immediately realize a Super Bowl-winning quarterback was applying her make-up.

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Annie recently lost her younger brother, Jack, to pediatric cancer. The 12-year-old responded to the tragedy by creating Gold in September (G9) to raise awareness for pediatric cancer initiatives but to also, in her words, “unite every hospital and organization” under gold.

Rodgers and Annie then invaded the neighborhood, going door-to-door informing people about G9 and the cause to fight pediatric cancer.

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Annie has some ambitious goals for her organization. She told Rodgers that she intends to play a role in getting the pediatric cancer survival rate to 100 percent, a goal that earned a fist bump from the QB.

When asked what her brother would say if he were still alive, the girl replied, "I think he would say, you just got to believe in Gold in September and everybody just should be happy in what they have and just take action and do something."

"He was courageous and he inspired a lot of people, myself included," Rodgers told Annie. "And his legacy is living on with you. You are doing some awesome things. I'm so proud of you."

For more information about Gold in September, click here.

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