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Can You Guess Which Country Music Star She Successfully Impersonated in Order to Con an Elderly Man Out of His Life Savings?


“I lost my wife back last June the 18th and I was getting lonely and I was looking for some friendship."

(Source: KRQE screen shot)

Life ain't easy for a woman named Peggy Sue.

See, Peggy Sue Evers is behind bars today after two weeks on the run in New Mexico. The woman was actually fleeing from authorities in Arkansas where she pulled off one of the strangest cons: She tricked 75-year-old Don Fulton into thinking she was country star Alison Krauss, got him to marry her, then drained his bank accounts, got him to sign over the deed to his house and filed a will on his behalf naming her the beneficiary.

KRQE-TV explains how she was able to pull it off:

“I lost my wife back last June the 18th and I was getting lonely and I was looking for some friendship,” said Fulton.

Evers conned Fulton into believing she was grammy-winning bluegrass country star singer Alison Krauss. The two met on an online dating website and when Evers sang some of Krauss’ hits for him he said he was convinced. They married shortly after.

But what makes it more odd is that Evers looks nothing like Krauss:

NASHVILLE, TN - FEBRUARY 18: Alison Krauss attends the Country Radio Hall Of Fame Dinner & Ceremony during CRS 2014 at the Nashville Convention Center on February 18, 2014 in Nashville, Tennessee. (Source: Terry Wyatt/Getty Images)

(Source: KRQE screen shot) Peggy Sue Evers (Source: KRQE screen shot)

In January, Evers pleaded guilty to the con and was sentenced to eight years probation and ordered to pay Fulton $70,000. But in mid-September she never showed up for a probation hearing. The search was on, and it ended in Albuquerque.

Evers is being held on no bond and will be sent back to Arkansas.

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