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That disturbing scene of Carrie Mathison, her baby and the bathtub as well as the return of a Brody-free 'Homeland


The sometimes-terrorist, sometimes-congressman, sometimes-love interest for Carrie Mathison Nicholas Brody is gone, but "Homeland" is back. A double-episode last night brought some new characters -- the lone Pakistan drone-strike survivor Ayaan Ibrahim, the mysterious (and short-lived) CIA station chief Sandy Bachman -- as well as some of the old crew (like Saul and Quinn). And of course, Carrie Mathison, who had a disturbing scene with her baby in the bathtub, in addition to her usual consumption of white wine and pills.

In our first "Homeland" podcast recap for TheBlaze, we discuss some fun facts about these new cast members, how much we miss the Brody family, the pivot to an Obama administration back-drop and we spoil two other shows:

Also the podcast theme song is this great YouTube video, which was a remix of the theme song of the original "Homeland" show from Israel.

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