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15 Raw Confessions Reveal the Other Side of Military Homecomings


"Dating a soldier isn't all love letters and wishful thinking."

We've all seen the videos of heartwarming military homecomings — but is there another side to the reintegration process?

Using popular smartphone application Whisper, individuals have turned to the social network to confess about another side of the reintegration process.

The application guarantees its users absolute privacy and, as a result, many of the resulting confessions are powerful and raw.

The following confessions are 15 comments provided to TheBlaze from Whisper and showcase the thoughts of military members and their loved ones.

1. Years needed to rebuild damaged relationships

2. Homecomings are not 'cute'

3. The aftermath of the homecoming moment

4. Long nights, weeks, months alone

5. Independent now

6. Not easy to reintegrate

7. I have my routine

8. I want to be alone again

9. We are stronger now

10. I don't know how to feel

11. Divorced after one week

12. How will my son react?

13. Afraid marriage will fail

14. I can tell he's changed

15. Not all love letters

Find more anonymous military confessions on Whisper. Download here.

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