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He Had a Bullet in His Ankle. That Didn't Stop Him From Doing Something Foolhardy in Front of a Crowd of Cops.


"These individuals...know why they were targeted."

Image via KMOV-TV

He took a bullet to the ankle — but he still wasn't going away without a fight.

Video posted by KMOV-TV on Monday captured a strange scene out of St. Louis: A man going from receiving medical treatment to being the target of a police pursuit in a matter of seconds.

Image via KMOV-TV Image via KMOV-TV

In the footage, the man starts on a stretcher, where medics appear to be treating his gunshot wound, but he quickly hops off...

Image via KMOV-TV Image via KMOV-TV

...and starts running, despite being surrounded by police.

Image via KMOV-TV Image via KMOV-TV

It doesn't take the cops long to grab him and take him back to the ambulance.

Image via KMOV-TV Image via KMOV-TV

The man was one of the victims in a drug-related Monday afternoon shooting, KMOV reported.

"These individuals, while they say they don't, know why they were targeted," police Chief Sam Dotson said. "We have reason to believe there was a drug transaction involved in this. The vehicle over my shoulder has bullet holes on both sides of the vehicle."

Police said three people inside the car were hit during the shooting. While the man who was shot in the ankle was expected to recover, KMOV reported that the other two shooting victims had died.

Two more people in the car were apparently unharmed, and after marijuana and heroin were reportedly recovered from the shooting victims' vehicle, the victims were taken into police custody, KMOV reported.

The news station reported that police had yet to apprehend the people responsible for the shooting.

KMOV also noted that the shooting took place in downtown St. Louis, a mere four blocks from Busch Stadium, where the St. Louis Cardinals faced the Los Angeles Dodgers in the third game of the National League Division Series Monday night.

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