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Police Say Thug Pointed a Pistol at Store Clerk and Demanded Money... Then Learned That 'Clerk' Is Only the Man's Day Job.


"It’s like one of those things where it was a blur what exactly was going on."

Screengrab via KDKA-TV

Police say a would-be robber, identified as Leverett Johnson, entered a Pittsburgh 7-Eleven store and pointed a gun at the on-duty store clerk. As the armed crook demanded money, the suspect was apparently oblivious to the fact that this was only the clerk’s day job.

When he’s not working at the store, Eric Sydnor is working to achieve his dream of making the U.S. Olympic boxing team. Oh, and he’s also a Golden Gloves boxing champion. It wasn’t a fluke either, as he also made it to the Golden Gloves finals three times.

Moments after the robbery suspect threatened him, “he got slammed,” Sydnor recalled in an interview with KDKA-TV.

Screengrab via KDKA-TV Screengrab via KDKA-TV

“It’s like one of those things where it was a blur what exactly was going on,” he said.

It was a seriously one-sided fight, though the suspect reportedly bit Sydnor’s hand out of apparent desperation.

Police eventually arrested Johnson after he was neutralized by Sydnor’s fists. Police said Johnson was still recovering in the hospital Tuesday after the beating he received.

But the champion boxer said he would’ve done the same thing regardless of his boxing skills

“The fact that I’m a boxer had nothing to do with anything. It’s just what’s right, and what’s wrong,” he said.

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