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What a Cop Allegedly Did During a Traffic Stop Has This Woman Suing


"It was just weird."

An Indiana state trooper is being sued by a woman who claims he questioned her faith and gave her a religious pamphlet during an August traffic stop.

According to Ellen Bogan's recently filed lawsuit, state trooper Brian Hamilton stopped her in Union County on August 9, claiming that she had made an illegal pass. But rather than penalize her for that infraction, Bogan, 60, said the cop gave her a speeding ticket.

While none of that strays from the typical routine one might encounter during a traffic stop, it's what allegedly happened next that has led to a lawsuit being brought by the Indiana branch of the American Civil Liberties Union.

Bogan claims that Hamilton stayed by her window after issuing the ticket and asked her if she had "accepted Jesus Christ as her savior" and whether she had a home church, according to WLWT-TV.

Bogan said that he then handed her a church pamphlet about Christianity. See a portion of that purported pamphlet below (read the complete complaint, which includes the image in its entirety here):

A portion of the pamphlet Brian Hamilton allegedly gave to (ACLU) A portion of the pamphlet Brian Hamilton allegedly gave to (ACLU)

"It's completely out of line and it just — it took me aback," she told the Indianapolis Star. "The whole time, his lights were on. I had no reason to believe I could just pull away at that point, even though I had my warning."

Bogan's complaint, which was filed in federal court, claims that her First and Fourth Amendment rights were impeded by Hamilton's alleged actions.

"I'm not affiliated with any church. I don't go to church," she told the Star. "I felt compelled to say I did, just because I had a state trooper standing at the passenger-side window. It was just weird."

Bogan is seeking unspecified damages and attorney fees, according to the lawsuit.

(H/T: Huffington Post)


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