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This 'Amazing Wedding Event' Is Exactly What These 'Girls Dreamed' of, But Probably Not Something They Ever Wanted to Do


“I needed this..."

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It was an "amazing wedding event" that these three "girls dreamed" of — yet, it's probably not something they ever wanted to do.

Kaitlin Peters, 21, and her two sisters, 13-year-old Isabella and 15-year-old Kendle, always envisioned sharing a father-daughter dance with their dad Kelvin at their actual weddings.

However, when a sudden diagnosis of terminal cancer gave their father only a few months to live, the Peters sisters knew what they had to do. With the help of several local vendors, Kaitlin, Isabella and Kendle put together a mock wedding to share the special moment with their dying dad.

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The entire event was documented in a video published online Thursday, showing Kelvin take photographs with his daughters, as well as sharing an iconic dance with each of them.

“I needed this, and even though my sisters probably don’t know it, they needed it too,” Kaitlin told NBC News. “They’re not thinking about kids or spouses right now, but I didn’t want them to miss out on a milestone I think all women should have.”

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The mock wedding had an emotional impact on Kelvin.

“This was a special event that I could give each of my girls that hopefully will provide a positive memory when the time comes and I’m not around,” he told NBC News.

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Kelvin added that he was able to avoid breaking down until the moment before the first dance.

[sharequote align="center"]“The youngest, Isabella, she broke down in tears, and that’s where I broke down."[/sharequote]

“The youngest, Isabella, she broke down in tears, and that’s where I broke down,” he told NBC News. “And then Kendle broke down in tears, and again, I broke down because I wasn’t expecting that from the two of them. They are very solid girls.”

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According to NBC News, Kelvin also recorded video messages for the daughters to play during their future weddings and gave each one a special gift. He also recorded a message for his future son-in-laws.

The family has now setup an online fundraiser to help Kelvin's wife and children financially after he is gone.

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