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Patient Believes He's Hospitalized Against His Will. So He Hijacks Nearest Means of Transportation to Make His Getaway.


Police pursued Lopez, who failed to pull over.

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GOODYEAR, Ariz. (TheBlaze/AP) — A man in his late 30s felt he was being hospitalized against his will, so he got away Sunday using the most convenient means of transportation available.

Image source: Shutterstock Image source: Shutterstock

An ambulance parked just outside West Valley Hospital.

Michael Lopez "escaped" the hospital, Goodyear police spokeswoman Lisa Kutis said, according to the Arizona Republic, then he hijacked the ambulance.

Kutis added that she didn't know why Lopez was hospitalized.

A firefighter sitting in the back was able to jump out safely, Kutis said.

Police pursued Lopez, who failed to pull over. Authorities then used GPS to locate the vehicle and Lopez at his home in the suburb of Avondale.

Lopez was arrested on charges of theft of means of transportation, felony flight, failure to yield to police and disorderly conduct, Kutis said.

Lopez was being booked into a Phoenix jail, Kutis said, and the ambulance was returned to firefighters.

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