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Beck Reveals Four of His Employees Live in Same Complex as Ebola-Positive Patient -- And He Has a Question for the CDC


"You're listening to a broadcast that is 15 miles away from that hospital. 15 miles."

Glenn Beck speaks on his radio program October 15, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Glenn Beck said Wednesday that four of his Dallas-based employees live in the same apartment complex as the second health care worker who tested positive for Ebola.

"You're listening to a broadcast that is 15 miles away from that hospital. Fifteen miles," Beck told his radio audience. "We now have four — four, count them, four — employees that just this morning have come to work and said, 'The guy who just went in the hospital, that's my apartment complex.'"

Beck said the complex is "massive," with over a dozen buildings, but he is unsure of what to do.

"The CDC should be telling people [what to do in this situation]," Beck said. "I'm a businessman. I have four employees now that live in that complex. They don't live near that apartment. I don't think they're infected. It doesn't seem reasonable. What do I do? This is the problem with the CDC. What do we do? We're not experts, you nincompoops. You are!"

Beck read the message his employees received, saying cleaning was underway in all areas of potential contact:

Beck said the CDC and the NIH have received billions of dollars in recent years and have wasted untold millions on things like "origami" condoms and bike paths. But handling potential pandemics is the reason they exist, he said.

"It is massive, massive incompetence," Beck said. "I'm telling you, this administration and the entire government is going to go down as criminal on this. They're going to be remembered as criminally incompetent on this."

Beck also asked why the CDC didn't come in to care for Thomas Eric Duncan, the man who flew to Dallas from West Africa, after it was confirmed that he had Ebola. Why did they leave it to an ill-equipped Dallas hospital with a staff who doesn't have the training, experience or materials needed to treat the disease? Beck noted that 70 healthcare workers were exposed to Duncan in some way, whether it was drawing his blood or wiping up his diarrhea.

"This is the CDC's problem," Beck said. "This is what they're supposed to do! But they were so busy building bike paths."

"This is not something about red states, blue states," Beck continued. "This is all of us. All of our lives are at stake. The entire future of humankind could be at stake for the love of Pete. Nobody realizes what a pandemic means. This could wipe out a third or half the population if it would go airborne like the flu."

A World Health Organization official says there could be up to 10,000 new cases of Ebola per week within two months, and Beck noted that the virus can quickly mutate.

Glenn Beck speaks on his radio program October 15, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV) Glenn Beck speaks on his radio program October 15, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

"And what is the CDC doing? They're playing the blame game," Beck said. "I don't care who's to blame at this point! I want somebody to take responsibility, not blame. Responsibility. It's time for an adult to show up in Washington, D.C."

Beck said Washington doesn't seem to grasp that there will be a "tipping point" where the virus starts to make a significant impact on business and the economy.

He noted that his co-host Pat Gray is "serious" that the four employees should not be in the office.

"And I as a boss am saying, 'At what point do I send people home?'" Beck said. "Where is the CDC to help us with that? And you know what? They could issue all kinds of stuff. I don't believe them."

Beck noted that the CDC originally said almost every hospital in America is capable of handling Ebola-infected patients, and the Dallas hospital that treated Duncan was no exception. But now that at least two healthcare workers have been infected, they are saying a "more robust" team was needed.

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