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At the Beginning of the Video, He's Laughing as He Tries to Snatch a Lady's Purse. By the End of the Video, He's Sobbing and Begging for Mercy.

Image via LiveLeak

Prospective purse-snatchers, take note: This is not your preferred bus.

In a video posted to LiveLeak Friday, a group of people can be seen boarding a bus, tailed by two nervous-looking boys.

One of the boys leaps onto the bus and, apparently giggling, tries to snatch a woman's purse.

Image via LiveLeak Image via LiveLeak

But the bus driver reacts quickly and brutally to deliver swift justice.

Image via LiveLeak Image via LiveLeak

The driver locks the boy inside the bus, with the boy getting his hand caught inside the door, and then the driver whacks the guy with a baseball bat as the trapped thief tries to claim the woman is his "tia" — his aunt.

The driver didn't buy it, and soon deposited the guy into the arms of waiting cops.

Image via LiveLeak Image via LiveLeak

Watch the amazing encounter below:

It's unclear where the fateful bus trip took place, as the original video poster claimed it came from Russia, while it seems the people in the video are speaking Spanish.

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