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Yes, You Can Play the National Anthem With Your Gun (if You're Accurate Enough)


"More than just plinking."

Image: YouTube

Target shooting and national pride come together in a video from Musical Targets, a company that makes and sells targets that ring with a specific musical note when they are hit.

Image: Musicaltargets.com Image source: Musicaltargets.com

According to the company's president, Charles Oclassen, "We wanted to add a new dynamic to target shooting, and invite a whole new world of people to the sport."

The targets are made from AR-500 steel and, the company says, will take repeated hits from bullet impacts without warping or cratering.

Musical Targets says a hanging system lets the target swing after being hit, reducing wear.

In terms of generating the best sound, the company's website suggests using a .22 caliber long rifle. However, you can shoot just about anything up to a .45 caliber (rimfire through centerfire handgun cartridges).

Not musically inclined? Don't read sheet music? That is not a problem. Each set of targets comes with a "song book" that provides the sequence of targets to hit to play each song.

Watch a video of the Musical Targets in action, which features the national anthem:

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