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Hard-to-Watch Video Reportedly Shows Suspected Driver Immediately After Single-Car Accident That Killed Two Kids


"I wasn’t driving. I wasn’t driving."

Disturbing video footage captured by a neighbor seemingly shows the driver who is suspected in a car accident that left two kids dead and another injured in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana.

The suspected driver, who appears to be disoriented, is seen laying down on a pile a rubble near a totaled Ford F-150. He repeatedly claims he wasn’t driving the truck.

“It wasn’t me,” the man says in the video. “I wasn’t driving. I wasn’t driving.”

Eventually, he gets up and seems to leave the scene.

The cellphone video can be viewed here, but be advised, there is very strong language and some disturbing content.

Louisiana State Police identified the driver of the 2007 Ford F-150 involved in the accident as 32-year-old Jeremy Abraham. It wasn’t immediately clear what caused the vehicle to hit three kids as they walked in the eastbound lane. Charges against Abraham are still pending.

Jeremy Abraham (KFLY) Jeremy Abraham (KFLY)

Police had not confirmed that man seen in the video is Abraham as of Thursday evening.

The deceased victims have been identified as two females, aged 15 and 14. A third victim, a 13-year-old girl, was seriously injured.

Abraham currently works for a security company, according to social media accounts. The man seen in the disturbing video was wearing a shirt for an apparent security company.

Police said a toxicology sample was taken from Abraham and sent to the state police crime lab. The Advertiser reports that Abraham was arrested in 2013 for possession of drug paraphernalia.

The case remains under investigation. More from KLFY-TV:

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