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Woman Gets Life-Changing Surprise After Hitting Head on Coffee Table: 'I Can't Really Find Words to Describe How It Felt


"Nobody knows what happened or can explain it."

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A woman who lived for more than a decade blind says she regained her ability to see after accidentally bumping her head on a coffee table nearly 14 years ago.

Lisa Reid, from New Zealand, had been unable to see since she was a child because of a tumor pressing down on her optic nerve, the Independent reported.

That all changed in 2000. Reid, then 24, came to kiss her guide dog on its head when she accidentally bumped into the coffee table.

Image source: Shutterstock Image source: Shutterstock

"Nobody knows what happened or can explain it," Ms Reid, who is now 38, reportedly said.

[sharequote align="center"]"Nobody knows what happened or can explain it."[/sharequote]

"I can't really find words to describe how it felt — amazing, fantastic," she added. "You can imagine not being able to see and then you can, you can't really describe that. To see the world again visually is a gift."

After more than a decade being unable to see, Reid said she experienced some shock when she regained her sight.

“He was a man... with a goatee and everything. My brother's a man,” Reid said, according to the Independent. “When I saw my mum, I was like: ‘You look the same but older.’ I turned into a woman and my brother turned into a man.”

While the incident happened nearly 14 years ago, Reid had concealed her story from the media until now, the Independent reported.

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