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Wait Until You See What's Inside the Car

Image source: YouTube

Here's a CEO really putting all his trust in the product.

Texas Armoring Corporation released a video Monday of an employee firing a dozen AK-47 rounds into an SUV — with the boss inside.

Image source: YouTube Ever wanted to know what it's like to be inside an SUV against a barrage of AK-47? Texas Armoring Corporation released a video showing just that. (Image source: YouTube)

Lawrence Kosub, the company's sales and export compliance manager, fired an AK-47 at a Mercedes-Benz that Texas Armored Cars had outfitted to be bulletproof. To prove his confidence in their product, company president and CEO R. Trent Kimball took the driver's seat first.

The video showed that even after a dozen bullets were fired directly at the front window, the glass didn't shatter, and neither did Kimball's nerves of steel: The CEO barely moved at all while the bullets smashed into the glass, just inches from his face.

Image source: YouTube Image source: YouTube

Image source: YouTube Image source: YouTube

"When it comes to assuring our clients' safety, we take product testing extremely seriously," Kimball said on camera, just before stepping into the vehicle.

Texas Armoring Corporation has created buzz before: the company recorded a man beating on one of their armored car windows with a helmet, mirroring a 2013 attack in New York City. Unlike the window on the SUV in that attack, the TAC-treated window doesn’t break.

The company's website lists some stats that might make the average SUV driver tempted to soup up their vehicle with this kind of protection:

• 80 - 90% of terrorist attacks occur while the victims are traveling by automobile.

• In recent years over 4,000,000 violent crimes have occurred in the United States alone.

• It is believed that between 40,000-60,000 kidnappings take place each year. . . Almost 70 percent of those kidnappings are resolved by paying the demanded ransom.

Though they take the product testing and protection of their clients seriously, the company isn't without a sense of humor — the last few frames of the video show one of the employees shaking his head in disbelief at the mess the team made of the sleek car.


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