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Cop on Horseback Tells Wheelie-Popping Biker to Continue Filming So the Guy Could ‘Show Your Friends the Big Telling Off You Got’


"Show your friends the big telling off you got from the policeman on the horse."

Image: YouTube

Seconds after "pulling a wheelie" on a street in the middle of London, motorcyclist Aimanas Aima was stopped by a police officer on horseback.

Image: YouTube Image: YouTube

The officer witnessed the stunt and blocked the street to address the biker.

"Why do you think you've been stopped?" asked the cop.

The contrite cyclist responded, "Because my wheel went up?"

"Yeah, you're pulling a wheelie and you're recording it on that," the cop said, pointing to the camera mounted on his helmet.

The officer reminded him that the speed limit for this road was just twenty miles per hour, and the biker said he was just going "maybe twenty-two maximum...I went to accelerate and it lifted up a bit."

Unfortunately for the biker, the cop was also familiar with motorcycles, responding, "I don't think so. ... I ride them, I know what they are capable of."

When the officer asked if the helmet cam was still recording, Aima offered to switch it off, but the cop told him to continue recording, instructing the biker to, "Show your friends the big telling off you got from the policeman on the horse."

Aima uploaded the clip to his YouTube account on Saturday. He also praised the police in the comments section of his video, writing, "They appreciated that i was apologetic and admit i was wrong. I had a lesson and it will not happened (sic) again."

Watch the video here:

(H/T: UK Telegraph)


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