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Why a German lingerie ad leads Mark Steyn to question whether Western civilization can survive


"The delusion runs deep in our society"

In a wide-ranging interview with bestselling author and political commentator Mark Steyn in connection with his new book "The Undocumented Mark Steyn," we had the chance to ask Mark how given America's political correctness and intellectual dishonesty, the country is going to survive in light of the threats posed by enemies such as Islamic supremacists.

Steyn's response?

America may not survive, and it is examples like that of a German lingerie ad that in his view most augur our potential destruction.

Steyn explained, in a portion of our interview that you can hear below (full interview at end of the post):

I'm not sure that we will survive...It's interesting to me how even the most obvious provocations...for example a woman being beheaded in Moore, Oklahoma, a policeman having a hatchet stuck in his skull on the streets of New York, a guy being shot at the War Memorial in Ottawa, somebody being beheaded -- hacked to pieces on the streets of London in broad daylight...even the most obvious provocations, into the multicultural cringe.

And Obama, and David Cameron and Justin Trudeau (who G-d help us may well be the next Prime Minister of Canada) -- all these people...keep saying "No Islam to see here."

And I write in the book a lot about some of the smaller things, which I think are even more worrying in a way than the beheadings, because you can't ignore a beheading. Even if you talk rubbish about it, as Obama and Cameron do, you have to address it.

When they're chopping the heads off of your citizens on YouTube, Obama and Cameron have to say something about it.

The stuff they don't have to say anything about is in some ways more disturbing.

Steyn then delved into why a German lingerie ad in particular is one of these disturbing unmentionables for political leaders, telling us:

[sharequote align="center"]"The delusion runs deep in our society"[/sharequote]

[instory-book ISBN="9781621573180"]

I talk about a German lingerie ad [link ours] where you see this sexy woman...she's got no clothes on, she's getting ready to go on a date, and she's putting on all this sexy german lingerie and she's sliding up the panties up her legs and hooking up the bra, and then just at the final moment, you see her pull a burqa over her head and step out into the street...

And the message is that...these Islamo-babes are just as hot under the burqa as German women, and you can be sexy wearing a burqa and...Muslim woman like hot sexy lingerie [just as much as everyone else]...

The reality is, if a Muslim woman -- a Muslim actress -- had played that role, she'd have been dead! She'd have been honor killed! Her father would have thrown her off the balcony, as happens in Sweden; or run over her in the car as happened in Peoria, Arizona; or chopped her head off as happened in Upstate New York.

No Muslim woman can say when her father says...or husband says "Where were you today honey," she says "Oh I did this great German lingerie ad, we spent eight hours filming me walking around the apartment in my underwear." She'd be dead!

...The entire premise of the's [aesthetically] fantastic, it's great, it should win tons of awards, but it's a lie. And it's a delusion.

And I find stories like that, stories like Barbie...being issued in a burqa [link ours] -- I find these things actually more disturbing in some ways, about the level of delusion, than the beheadings.

Steyn continues with one more disturbing story he writes about in the book, in which a Toronto public school uses its cafeteria as a mosque on Fridays -- a mosque in which Muslim boys come in through the front, and Muslim girls who are menstruating are forced to come in and sit in the back because they are deemed unclean and inferior.

The author concluded, "The delusion runs deep in our society."

During the interview, which you can listen to in full below, we also had the chance to talk with Steyn about everything from the fall of the Berlin Wall to GruberGate, and more, including:

    • The dangers of multi-generational dependency
    • How American taxpayers help indirectly subsidize European healthcare systems, and creates "Defense Welfare Queens"
    • Why civilizations rise and fall
    • Why Mark considers himself a genuine multiculturalist
    • Why the fall of the Berlin Wall is the biggest prison breakout in history
    • Steyn's take on GruberGate and America's technocratic elite
    • Why a Memorial Day parade is far more foreign to the president than Mark Steyn
    • Barack Obama's contempt for the American people, and his Latin American dictator-like tendencies
    • The solace Steyn takes in the idea that "the facts of life are conservative"


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