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Walker Shames Drivers Who Stop in the Middle of the Crosswalk

Image source: YouTube

You've probably been one of these two people at some point in your life:

A) The driver who decided not to run a yellow light at the last minute and stopped right in the middle of the pedestrian walkway, forced to either avoid eye contact with the walkers or apologize with a sad wave.


B) The pedestrian who now has to choose to walk behind the car through exhaust fumes or in front of it risking the slight chance that they'll walk too close to traffic running parallel.

Either position is uncomfortable, but a walker in Guadalajara recently made it more uncomfortable to make a point to a driver who stopped in the sacred crosswalk space.

The while other pedestrians simply went around the offending car, one walker felt inconvenienced enough to stop right in front of the car and proceeded to stand there, giving the driver a taste of his own medicine when the light turned green.

Image source: YouTube Image source: YouTube

Other cars behind this compact were forced to skirt around.

When the light changed back to red, the pedestrian helped "walk" the red car back behind the line. Moving on afterward, the pedestrian pointed an accusatory finger at a white car that was pulled into the crosswalk as well. This served only to annoy this driver enough to cause them pull forward even further.

Image source: YouTube Image source: YouTube

This driver, a bit more intense than the red car's owner, actually pulled forward to tap the walker's legs when he remained in front of him when the light changed. Eventually, the pedestrian walked this car backward too and went on his way, happy to have saved walkers the hassle for another day.

Watch the footage posted to YouTube this month:

(H/T: Reddit)

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