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What a Great Human Being': Good Samaritan's Imaginative Assist for Guy Who's About to Have Car Trouble


"I noticed you left your lights on."

It's not at all uncommon to see motorists giving battery jumps to stranded drivers when their vehicle's give out.

But one imaginative guy proved you can help get a car battery up and running — and you don't even have to be there.

The proof's apparently in the following note posted to Reddit; the user said it was found on a friend's windshield after he'd left his car lights on. Here's how the good Samaritan looks to have went well past the call of day to help the car owner step by step:

Image source: Reddit Image source: Reddit

Not only did the unnamed individual leave an extension cord and battery charger (on ready settings) for the motorist, instructions on how to use them were provided as well, the note indicated.

"What a great human being," the Reddit user remarked, adding that the note was left on a vehicle in Edmonton, Alberta.

"The windscreen wipers left a mark on the paper as you can see on the bottom," he wrote. "It also seems wet because it's Edmonton and it's like -15 right now. The snow on it probably melted as my friend took it back home to snap a picture of it."

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